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Types and Species of Hardwood Flooring

When you think of about beautifying your home, you definitely are thinking like an artist. However, beautifying your home does not have to be super expensive and it should never compromise the quality of the materials that you will be using. Thus, when thinking about changing your floors, one of the best options that you have is to use hardwood flooring.  

Hardwood floors could make your home not only a comfortable one to live in, but also beautiful to look at. Because some materials involved in the process of hardwood flooring are delicate and needs to be handled with care, it is necessary for you to hire professional service providers such as hardwood flooring Memphis. So if you have already chosen the service provider that you will hire in order to do the job, the monumental question you now have to answer is what is the best type of hardwood floor could you use in the specific parts of your home? Here are some: 


  1. Solid Hardwood Floors 

This is arguably the best type of hardwood floors in the market today. This particular type of flooring is consisted with solid pieces of wood from one’s preferred wood species. This particular type of hardwood is best constructed in areas of the home which could be instantly seen such as the living room.  

  1. Cherry  

This particular species of wood is one of the more popular material used in homes. It is distinguished for its unique red and pink colors, with grains that are tight and wavy.  

  1. Walnut 

Another popular choice, walnut is a soft hardwood that is least used in heavy traffic areas such as the kitchen. Because of its notable dark brown color, this particular species is best placed in the part of your home which receives most amount of sunlight all year long due to its photosensitivity properties. 

  1. Maple 

Maple is one of the strongest and most durable hardwood there is in the market today. This particular species of hardwood is popular due to its high resistance to scratch and heavy impacts and therefore, this is best used in the areas of your home that receives most of the traffic. 


  1. Engineered Hardwood 

Engineered hardwood is made through the combination and pressing of different layers of wood. This particular type of hardwood is less susceptible to moisture damage and thus, this is best placed in high-moisture areas of your home such as kitchen. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood is relatively cheaper.  


Flooring is an integral part of your home especially that it consists most of the parts of your home. Therefore, choosing the best material to use in the specific parts of your home could be a challenging task. However, once you have already chosen a species and once you have already hired the best service provider that you could find, then everything will go as smoothly as possible. Remember, your home is a reflection of your personality and thus, never compromise the flooring that you intend to us in your home.  


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The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Wrap

Many vehicle owners are fun of customizing the design and paint of their cars. They want to have paintwork that will impress everyone. However, having a high-quality vehicle painting is not as affordable as you may think. But, the best option to have is the vinyl wrap.? 

Vinyl wrap is making its boom in the market today. It is a thin film like a giant decal. Its main responsibility is to protect your car from damages from the debris along the way. For the past year, vehicle owners opted to use the vinyl wrap in their bumpers and hoods. But, at this moment, it is advisable to cover your whole car with this protecting material.? 


Using the?vinyl wraps?will give you access to wider customized styles and colors. It does not only limited to a single color but plenty. You can choose whatever design and colors you want to have for your car.? 



There are many pros and advantages of using vinyl wraps for your vehicles. These include the following: 

  1. The vinyl wraps are affordable compared to a paint job. Instead of spending amounts of money from time to time for the paint job, vinyl will save you. It is one of the inviting reasons why most vehicle owners patronize this type of product: Affordability.? 
  1. The vinyl wraps do not require a long time for installment. Unlike the job paint that requires weeks or months for painting, vinyl wrap is the other way around. It offers minimal downtime for at least one or two days. 
  1. The vinyl wrap is easy to remove. The removal of the vinyl wraps is not difficult if you plan for repainting. Apart from that, you will change the styles of your vinyl wrap from time to time. 
  1. The vinyl wraps have unique options. As we said earlier, in using vinyl wraps, you may choose the colors and styles that perfectly suit your taste. You can have the following colors for your vehicle: glossy, matte, satin, semi-gloss, and many more.? 
  1. With the advancement of technology, vinyl wraps can give you digital designs. It is also helpful in advertising your vehicle.? 


On the other hand, there are cons and disadvantages that we might face in using vinyl wraps. These include the following:? 

  1. Choosing cheaper vinyl wraps will not give you an excellent performance. If you think that purchasing cheaper vinyl wraps is an advantage, but you are wrong. It will put you in so much trouble when the time comes.? 
  1. The vinyl wraps will not last long if you opted to install them all by yourself. It is advisable to ask for help from skilled, trained, and knowledgeable people for better results. Ensure that your vehicle is in the right and good hands. 
  1. A well-installed vinyl wrap can be as good as paint but discouraging when the installation fails. Avoid taking risks by hiring incompetent people for your vinyl wrap installation. Ensure that you hire people that can meet your expectations.? 


If you want to have the best vinyl wrap in towns, ensure that you will work with the best team. Avoid hiring people that are incompetent.? 


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